Website Specifications

April 5th, 2012
Here is a list of website specifications for image dimensions, accepted file formats, standard colors, location information, feed updates, cache delays and other really awesome (important) things you should know.




Slideshow images (in pixels): 735 x 410
Homepage slideshow (in pixels): 980 x 380
Homepage patch images (in pixels): 195 x 110
Homepage alert images (in pixels): 195 x 110
Content images: 455px wide
Right hand rail tout images: 215px wide
Cava Product thumbnail: 100px

Note: Do NOT crop artwork in any way. It is important to display the work in its entirety. If you are uploading artwork to the slideshow, match one dimension (height or width) and the slideshow will set the image correctly into the slideshow.

Note: Do NOT upload any images to the CMS that have spaces, question marks or ampersands in the filename. An image with a filename of “SW 12 Bodyheat?96&96.jpg” is not okay.



Accepted File Formats

There only three types of file types you should upload to the site.
For images, only use these file types:  .jpg, .gif, .png
For downloads, only use this file type:  .pdf




Red link color: #DA291C
Blue link color: #3EB1C8
Gray header background: #ECECEC

Try to maintain site consistency by using these colors.



Location Information

When adding information in the location fields, remember these rules:

1. Remove any apostrophes, so that “St Fred’s Rd” matches “St Freds Rd”.
2. Replace any other punctuation with spaces, since the geocoder ignores punctuation except when separating words (e.g. “Ave” not “Ave.”)



 Simple Table

Simple table gradient row: table.simple_table tbody tr



Blog Feeds

When you add a new blog feed to the page, it will not immediately populate on the page.

Feeds are updated automatically four times a day:
6:10am, 12:10pm, 4:10pm and 8:10pm EST



Target Rules

When creating links on the site, it is important to know the site conventions that is using across the entire site:

If you are linking to a page on, you should set your target to “Open in This Window.”

If you are linking to a page that is on another site, set the target to “Open in New Window.”




The website uses a cache mechanism that makes it transfer data faster and more efficiently.

If you are logged into the site, you will be viewing an uncached page. If you log in to the CMS, make changes and view the page, you will immediately see the changes. However, if you are NOT logged into the CMS, you will be viewing a cached page. Because of this, you will not see updates made to the site immediately.

The site cache updates every 30 minutes. Keep that in mind when informing others about updates. If you do not see the content that you know you updated, take a step back, breathe, and ask yourself…am I logged into the CMS?




Order of events governed by:

1) Start date of the event;  if multiple events have the same start date, then

2) Index ID of the event.  Basically, the creation date of when the event was added into the CMS, running oldest to newest (top to bottom).



RegBook Database

The Regbook database is queried 18 minutes past the hour, every hour.