Integrating With WebAdvisor

March 7th, 2013
There are three ways to integrate with WebAdvisor registration:
  • Create a Register button that links directly to WA.
  • Create a course description popup lightbox
  • Emulate shopping cart functionality where users can add/remove courses, like on the CE section.

Update 3/9/16: If you want to link directly to WebAdvisor, you can use the link format below where XXXXXX is a six digit section_id number (103259, for example). If you do not know the section_id then you’ll need to contact Colleage Computing. Make sure you apply the class “orange_button_link” rather than “webadvisor_link”.


For each course you will need its title and *section* number (CIP-0101-A). Note that a section number is 10 characters long and always end in “-X”, like CIP-0101-A. This is different than a course number which is only 8 characters long (CIP-0101).

Linking directly to WebAdvisor registration

Step 1

Log into the CMS > navigate to the desired page. Most likely you will want a table consisting of two columns, course names on the left, and a register button on the right. If you need to the table structure the easiest way is to go to PreCollege Summer Program > Courses and copy it from the HTML view (from the first <table> to the end tag </table>.

Step 2

Let’s deal with the register button first. Type “Register” on the right, select it and click the Link icon. In the Link URL field type in the course’s section (10 characters). Then from the Class drop down, select webadvisor_link. That’s it! After publishing the page the button should link directly to WebAdvisor.


Including popup course descriptions

Step 1

Type in the name of the course on the left side > highlight it > make it a link by clicking the link button.

Step 2

In Link URL type in the course’s section. Then select course_link from the Class dropdown. Done!

Including registration shopping cart functionality

Step 1

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 5.35.34 PMThis is the most involved WA integration method and requires an additional bit of information: the course’s section_id. This is generally not a number you will have and until this functionality is built into the CMS, you’ll need to contact VAP to get it. Note: This number changes every semester, so these links will need to be updated after one semester. Type “Register”, select it and click the Link icon.

Step 2

There are basically three variables in the URL that need to be formatted the right way for this to work.
  • section: 10 characters of the format XXX-XXXX-X
  • name: The name of the course. All spaces must be replaced by “+”.
  • section_id: This is the section_id that you’ll need to get from VAP
  • cost: Cost of the class


The structure of the Link URLfield needs to resemble this:
/continuing-education/add_course?section=IXC-5021-A&section_id=84849&cost=1200&name=Practice of Interaction Design

Step 3

Then, still in the Link dialogue box, click the Advanced tab. In Class paste in:
btn_external_link register_course_btn
That’s all!