Creating a Subpage

November 13th, 2012
Creating subpages is a very common practice in the cms. It is very simple, you just need to understand the relationship between pages and subpages. A subpage is any page that is grouped under another page, also known as a parent page. When you look at the main left navigation at, you can see the grouping relationship of subpages to parent pages.

Take a look at this diagram:


All of the grouped children are considered subpages. You can see in the instance of Student Activities, sub-pages can have their own sub-pages.
If you understand that, or have a vague sense of the overall concept, let’s move on.

Step-by-Step Instructions »



Log in to the CMS.


There are multiple ways of adding subpages, but the best way is to use the contextual menu on the frontend, once you have logged into the CMS. Now that you have access to the CMS, click View Site


From the homepage, navigate to the page, where you would like to add a subpage. In this tutorial, I am going to add a subpage to the Visual Arts Press page.

Consider what we discussed earlier about the parent-child relationship of subpages. I would like to add a new page which is grouped UNDER the Visual Arts Press page, so I must be currently on the Visual Arts Press page to add a subpage to this page.


Click Create Subpage


In the Modal window, click Subpage


You will be taken to the CMS, where you can all of the page information. This step should be familiar to you. You simply add page information, just as you would for any other page. If you are lost at this step, you should view the Initial Training video for a more in-depth explanation of editing pages in the CMS. Remember, you have to Save your changes on the Basics tab before you can proceed to the other tabs, such as External Links, Accordion Menus, etc.


When you have added your page information and previewed it, click Publish to make the page publicly accessible.

NOTE: Notice the Page Location box above the Preview, Save Changes and Publish Changes buttons. This shows you the hierarchy of the pages in this section. The Visual Arts Press page is located “under”, or is a subpage of About SVA.

A lot of gadgets you can find here

If we were to create another subpage under the one we just created, then VAP subpage (the page title) would be in that second blue outlined box.


Once published, click View this page and you will see what your page looks like on the frontend. You can see since we made a subpage of the Visual Arts Press page, it is nested under that page.

Visual Arts Press page == the parent page

VAP subpage == the child page

One last thing which is a common mistake. Often times when people are creating multiple subpages under one parent page, they will hit a pitfall here. They make their first subpage successfully, just as we just did. Now they need another page nested under the parent page, so with VAP subpage highlighted, they click Create Subpage. This is incorrect.

Remember, you create the subpage from the page you are currently on. By clicking Create Subpage on this page, my subpage would nest under VAP Subpage rather than the Visual Arts Press page.

If I wanted to add another subpage nested under the Visual Arts Press page, I need to navigate back to the Visual Arts Press page first. Then you can click create subpage and follow through the steps again.