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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013
The Faculty Info API is intended for outside web developers who are creating websites for SVA academic departments and wish to include faculty CV information. Using the API has the following benefits:

  • Keep information up to date. This information is very dynamic and will likely live on a part of the website that is not going to be updated much after launch. Using the API is the only way to ensure your faculty’s latest feats propagate to your website.
  • A better user experience. If users browse faculty information on your website and then go to and see slightly different versions of the same text, this can result in a very off-putting user experience. It raises questions about authenticity and makes users think twice about something they shouldn’t. Avoid this scenario by only having one version of this information.
  • Content integrity. Faculty information of this nature is very sensitive information for an academic institution such as SVA. This information must be vetted before it appears on any SVA website by the proper administrative staff in Academic Affairs. As great as our faculty are, they have been known to inflate their credentials in the past and this is a situation SVA would like to avoid going forward.