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Creating an Insider Newsletter in 4.0

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Please watch the video below for instructions on creating an Insider newsletter in the new CMS.

For the time being, you’ll need to head to Please reach out to for login credentials, or with any questions.



Adding Updates (Department Blogs)

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017
This tutorial will inform you how to create stories for Program & Departmental “Update” sections.

Two things to note that are not mentioned in the video below:

  • When creating a new “Update” story, please select a department from the program dropdown. Please do not use the tag field to establish the program associated with the story, unless there are multiple programs associated with the story. In that case, please choose the “primary” department using the program dropdown, and list the other associated programs in the tags section. If the story is associated with more than one department, and there is not one department that is primarily associated with the story, you’ll still need to choose a program. In that case, you’ll need to arbitrarily associate the story with one of the departments, and then list the others as tags. Please note that stories will appear on the list of updates for programs whether they’ve been chosen under the ‘program’ dropdown, or listed as tags.

A screenshot of the CMS showing an image upload field and an alt text field below 

  • SVA is now endeavoring to make all of its digital properties compliant with the the Americans with Disabilities Act, via the web standards outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. In order to do so, all images not considered decorative must have alternative text associated with them, which will be readable to screen-reader technology for users with impaired vision. You can find comprehensive best-practices on how to compose alt-text on the WebAIM guide, here.

A screenshot of the CMS showing the program dropdown by which users can associate a story with a program.


Adding a Video Course Thumbnail

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016
SVA Continuing Education courses can now feature videos on their details pages. Instructions on attaching a Youtube or Vimeo video to courses follow.




To navigate to the course thumbnail form, sign into the CMS. Then, still signed in, find a course on the ‘front end’ of Click ‘Edit Content,’ in the admin menu at the top of the page.



Once on the course’s ‘Basics’ menu tab, click the ‘Thumbnail’ button. Alternately, you could find the course you’d like to attach a video to via the course search forms and then navigate to the course’s ‘Thumbnail’ tab.



Once on the course’s ‘Thumbnail’ menu, add a video by inputting a valid Vimeo or Youtube link under ‘Valid Vimeo/Youtube URL.’

Courses with attached videos will still require a thumbnail. That’s because on course results list pages, courses with attached videos will still display a static image.

Once you’ve added a video url and a thumbnail image (if the course didn’t already have one), hit ‘Save Thumbnail.’

Please also keep in mind that attaching a video to a course means future semesters offering the same course will continue to display the same video, unless a user edits or deletes the attached video.

Creating Continuing Education Program Landing Thumbnails and Pages

Friday, June 24th, 2016
Creating Information Session Locations
An image gallery or video gallery allows you to add multiple images or videos to a page. Using galleries, you can upload high-resolution images that can be downloaded by the user. These galleries can be a sub-page or a poster page.


Nice online calc
  1. Go to current site’s CMS, login, navigate to the CE program page (Continuing Education > CE Sublanding Pages > Choose the page you’d like to edit). Once on the Basics edit tab for the CE program page, navigate to the Information Session tab, by clicking the grey button labeled ‘Information Sessions.’ Copy the info session location from the info session, and save it into a local document so you can reuse the information to create as a location.

  2. Log into the CMS and go to Utility Sections > Locations.

  3. Click the green ‘Add Location’ button at the bottom.


  4. Once on the location menu page, enter in the appropriate details for the location.

  5. For Category, make sure you choose ‘CE Info Session Location’.


  6. Save the location by clicking ‘Save Changes.’

Add/Edit content for the info session connected to the program page

  1. While logged into the CMS, navigate to the program page you’re creating the info session for. You can do so by either finding the program page on the front-facing site, or in the CMS (by going to Continuing Education > Sublanding pages, and then selecting the page you’d like to edit).

  2. Once on the program page’s edit menu in the CMS, go to the ‘Information Sessions’ tab.

  3. Enter the necessary information. Please note that previously, info sessions could accept html, or required stylistic changes to be made to certain text (like putting the moderator’s name in all-caps). Please only input text as you’d like it to appear on the site, with no additional html or text-styling.


  4. To work properly, information sessions need an attached location (or venue). If you don’t see the venue you’d like to attach to your information session, you’ll need to create one (see Creating Information Session Locations).

  5. Save the information session.

  6. Navigate to the page’s ‘Basics’ tab, and hit ‘Publish.’ (This step is important for two reasons: 1. your changes to the information session will not be published otherwise, and 2. If you fail to do so, and you’ve already created a program thumbnail for this page, a duplicate program thumbnail will be created).


Create a Program Thumbnail

  1. Login to the CMS, then go to the ‘Continuing Education’ dropdown. From that list, choose ‘Program Thumbnails.’


  2. Once on the ‘Program Thumbnail Manager page’, you should see two blue buttons near the top of the page. Click the one labelled ‘Create new Program’.

    create new program crop

  3. Add the necessary information for the program thumbnail.


    1. Title will appear below the program thumbnail image.

    2. Subtitle appears below the title for the program on the CE landing page. Please note that subtitle is truncated at ~100 characters for featured thumbnails, and ~50 characters for smaller thumbnails.

    3. Description appears below subtitle. Please note that description is truncated at ~100 characters for featured thumbnails, and ~50 characters for smaller thumbnails.

    4. Thumbnail images should be at least 735px wide x 410px high, but 1470px wide x 820px high is preferable, to ensure optimal rendering on retina devices. Acceptable image formats are .jpg, .gif, .png.

    5. Be sure to select ‘publish,’ if you want the program thumbnail to appear on the Continuing Education landing page.

    6. Select the page you’d like to attach the program thumbnail to. This is the page the program thumbnail will link to.

  4. Add the information for the program page descriptions and quote.

    1. Page description 1 appears above the quote.

    2. Page description 2 appears below the quote.

    3. The page quote appears between the first and second descriptions.

  5. Click ‘Save program thumbnail’ to save the new program thumb.


Create a ‘Course’ Program Thumbnail

  1. Creating a course program thumbnail means attaching a course to the program thumbnail. The program thumbnail will derive its information and image from the course’s program thumbnail. If the course you’d like to feature doesn’t have a course thumbnail attached, you’ll need to create one.

  2. Login to the CMS, then go to the ‘Continuing Education’ dropdown. From that list, choose ‘Program Thumbnails.’


  3. Once on the ‘Program Thumbnail Manager page’, you should see two blue buttons near the top of the page. Click the one labelled ‘Create new Course.’


  4. Using the three inputs at the top of the form, search for courses by either course number, instructor’s last name, or keyword, then click ‘Search.’


  5. In the results that appear in the form below, choose course you’d like to attach to the program thumbnail.

  6. Choose a title for the course program thumbnail, and select ‘publish.’

  7. Click ‘Save Program Thumbnail.’


  8. In order to feature the course program thumbnail at the top of the CE landing page, you’ll need to navigate to the main course thumbnail form, drag the newly-created course program thumbnail to the top of the list, and click ‘Save order’ at the top of the form. Only course program thumbnails can be ‘featured.’ Program-associated program thumbnails will display as regular when they are in the first position.


Delete or order the program thumbnails

  1. On the main program thumbnails form, users can reorganize or reorder program thumbnails.


  2. Click and drag program thumbnails into the desired order, and then click ‘Save Order’ at the top of the form.


  3. This screen also gives you options to quickly delete program thumbnails, by clicking the ‘Delete’ button on any of the program thumbnails in the list. 

First Year Student Online Registration

Saturday, March 1st, 2014
This tutorial will instruct first-year students how to register online for their classes.