Adding an Image/Video Gallery

May 21st, 2012
An image gallery or video gallery allows you to add multiple images or videos to a page. Using galleries, you can upload high-resolution images that can be downloaded by the user. These galleries can be a sub-page or a poster page.

Step-by-step Instructions


Login to CMS


Navigate to the parent page where you would like to add the image or video gallery subpage.

Click Create Subpage


In this tutorial, we are going to create an image gallery, so click Image Gallery


This will take you to the Image Gallery Content Editor. The Basics tab is where you can add copy that will appear above the image gallery.


You can add specific external links to the image gallery if you like. Considering the Alumni section already has external links, this will be left blank in this tutorial.

Click the Image Gallery tab


This is the same interface as the slideshow, so if you have been through initial training, this should be very simple.

Click Add New Images

Click Browse Files and choose the images you would like to include in the gallery

When the upload is complete click Done


The following fields are optional. You can add a description to each image, and also add the photographer’s name in the Credit field. The download checkbox gives the user the ability to download the image.

After you have added the information in the fields, click Save Changes


If you are finished adding images to the gallery, click Save Changes

Click the Basics tab


Take a look at the page using Preview.

If it looks correct all you have to do is push it live by clicking Publish Changes


Your image gallery is now live.


Adding a video gallery is exactly the same, except you add the video the same way you add a video on a typical page.