Adding a Video Course Thumbnail

June 29th, 2016
SVA Continuing Education courses can now feature videos on their details pages. Instructions on attaching a Youtube or Vimeo video to courses follow.




To navigate to the course thumbnail form, sign into the CMS. Then, still signed in, find a course on the ‘front end’ of Click ‘Edit Content,’ in the admin menu at the top of the page.



Once on the course’s ‘Basics’ menu tab, click the ‘Thumbnail’ button. Alternately, you could find the course you’d like to attach a video to via the course search forms and then navigate to the course’s ‘Thumbnail’ tab.



Once on the course’s ‘Thumbnail’ menu, add a video by inputting a valid Vimeo or Youtube link under ‘Valid Vimeo/Youtube URL.’

Courses with attached videos will still require a thumbnail. That’s because on course results list pages, courses with attached videos will still display a static image.

Once you’ve added a video url and a thumbnail image (if the course didn’t already have one), hit ‘Save Thumbnail.’

Please also keep in mind that attaching a video to a course means future semesters offering the same course will continue to display the same video, unless a user edits or deletes the attached video.