Adding a Course Link

April 5th, 2012
Course links are pulled from the regbook database, and allow students to see current registration information about a class. Course Links are created in a very specific way due to their connection with the RegBook.

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Login to the CMS


Navigate to the page where you would like to create a course link. In this tutorial, I am making a course link for the Undergraduate Animation Curriculum page. Course Links should be put in an accordion based on the year the class in offered.


Click Edit Content


Click the Accordion Menus tab


You can see there are already some course links created, but I am going to make a new one inside my first accordion titled “First Year”.

Since the course link gets pulled from the RegBook, you have to have the course number in order to successfully create a course link.


First, type the course link, followed by the class name


Next, create the link that will activate pull from the RegBook database. You can do that by highlighting the course and clicking the “Insert/Edit Link” in the Content Editor.


The Insert/Edit dialog box will pop up. In the “Link URL” field, type the course number. The course number for this class is HCD-1020.

Click Insert


Now we have the link set up, we just need to add the class that calls in the lightbox effect. Highlight the link again and click the “Styles” dropdown.

Select course_link


The link should turn orange indicating you have created the course link successfully.

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page


Naturally, you will want to do a preview to make sure everything is working. Once you have checked it out on Preview, click the Basics tab.


Click Publish Changes


Click View This Page


Click on the new course link you just created. It should display the class info in a nice lightbox effect.