Adding a Blog Feed

May 21st, 2012
So you have a blog and you want to pull posts into a page on the website? No problem.

Video Tutorial

Pop Out Video

Step-by-Step Instructions



Login to the CMS


Navigate to the page you would like to insert the blog. For this tutorial, I will be adding the animation blog to the landing page.


Click Edit Content


Click the External Links tab


Enter the blog information in the Blogs section.

The Title field is what the blog is labeled in other areas of the site, such as the quilt and the Stay Connected pages. Make sure it is relative to the blog you are connecting.

Enter the blog url in the Link field. This is the url you use to navigate to the blog.

Note: Always make sure you include the http:// at the beginning.

The Feed field is to pull the RSS feed into the CMS so it can be distributed throughout the site. This is critical if you want your blog posts to show up in a module or in the quilt. You will need to get the RSS feed that is created by your blog. Click here for more information on obtainng your RSS feed.

In most cases, all you have to do is add /feed to the end of the blog url, and switch http:// to feed://.

Example: feed://

Enter this into your browser to make sure it is pulling the RSS feed. If you get a screen that looks similar to this, then you have the correct feed url.




When you have the correct input added to the fields click Save Changes. You have saved the change as a draft, so we will need to publish this page to see the posts show up in a module.


Click the Basics tab and click Publish Changes.


Now that you have added your blog data, you need to add the blog feed module to see it in the page.

Click Edit Page Modules


Blog Feed modules are only available on the right sidebar, so expand the Right Side Modules dropdown in the module bank.


Click and drag the module you prefer into the Right Side. There are two kinds of blog modules, one that displays 3 entries and one that display a single entry. This choice is completely up to you. Think about the amount of space you have in the right rail and try to keep your page balanced.

Click Apply CHanges


Click Edit Page Content, then publish your changes in the Basics tab


Click View this page. You will notice the blog module is not showing up in the rail. Do not fret! If you have followed along, then everything is set up correctly. The reason it is not showing up is because RSS feeds are only updated four times a day. This means when you add a new RSS feed to your page, you will have to wait for the Update Feeds script to run. To see the times feeds get updated daily, go to the Website Specifications.


After the feeds are updated, this is what you will see. Now you have your blog not only connected to your page, but it is feeding posts into the quilt as well. The Communicationd department reviews the posts that are being fed into the quilt and curates a weekly listing of what is displayed on the homepage. If you would like to have a posts featured on the quilt, contact Ken Switzer (x2411).