Logo downloads

Primary Logo

This is the the primary logo that represents the College and should be used with the most frequency.

Download: PNG || EPS

Secondary Logo Options

These logos may be used in lieu of the primary logo for various design solutions. Contact the VAP if you need guidance.

Download: PNG || EPS

Download: PNG || EPS

Download: PNG || EPS

Color: PNG || EPS

Correct Spacing

The SVA logo should have a margin of clear space on all sides around it at least equal to the cap height of the logo's typography. No other elements (text, images, other logos, etc.) can appear inside this clear space.

SVA Colors


PMS: 631

HEX: #3EB1C8

CMYK: 74/0/13/0

RGB: 62/177/200


HEX: #4c4d4f

CMYK: 0/0/0/85

RGB: 77/77/79


PMS: 485

HEX: #DA291C

CMYK: 0/95/100/0

RGB: 218/41/28

Email Signature


1) Log in to Gmail using your SVA username and password.

2) Click on the Settings (gear) icon, and then click on Settings from the drop-down menu.

3) In the General tab, scroll down to Signature. Delete anything currently in the Signature box.

4) Open this page in a new tab.

5) Click anywhere in the white space of that new page and select all and copy the logo.
(On Mac, Command + A, then Command + C; on PC, Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + C).

6) Return to Gmail settings and paste the logo in the Signature box.
(On Mac, Command + V; PC, Ctrl + V).

7) Place your cursor after the SVA Logo and hit return to create a new line. Now, type in your personal information. We recommend the following structure:

Firstname Lastname
Position Title
Department Name
Street Address, Room/Floor Number
City, State, Zip Code

8) Hit return after the final line of your information to create a space between your details and the "Stay Connected" line.

9) To format the text correctly, select all in the Signature box (Mac, Command + A; PC, Cntrl + A). With your new signature highlighted, go to the toolbar just above the Signature box and choose "Sans Serif" "from the drop-down.

10) With the signature still highlighted, select "Normal" from the Size (tT) icon drop-down.

11) You must click "Save Changes" to the bottom of the page.


1) First set up your Gmail account according to the previous instructions.

2) Send an email from the Gmail web interface to your mobile device.

3) Select and copy your email signature from said email.

4) Navigate to Settings > Mail > Signature > Paste in the signature.

Social Media Avatar

Special Note for Facebook: After uploading your profile image you must hover over the image until you get the Edit Profile Picture popup. The select Edit Thumbnail and check the Scale to Fit box.

Mobile App Icon

The official SVA app icon for iOS mobile devices. All the various sizes that need to be bundled with iOS Apps are included:

Museo Sans

The official SVA font for text and information is Museo Sans. It is available to use for all SVA employees and can be downloaded from our Stationery Storefront, or by contacting us at vapress@sva.edu.


Don't hesitate to contact Visual Arts Press if you have any questions: vapress@sva.edu