How This Works

1. Fill out job request on Podio

Art and copy can be uploaded directly to job request. However, large art files should be sent using YouSendIt, Google Drive, or something similar. You can include a link in your request.

2. Hit submit to send job

Your browser should show a confirmation screen. Contact if you’d like to further confirm job submission.

3. Designer assigned and job begins

Upon receipt of job, a designer will be assigned. Incomplete or lack of content will delay the design process.

4. Design review

All designs are reviewed by the executive creative director, Anthony Rhodes. Once approved, the job will be returned to you for further review and proofreading.

5. Job routing

After final review, all work is circulated to the creative director, then the executive vice president and finally to the president.

6. Job costs

Cost estimates for print (or in some cases, web) jobs will be determined based on the specification provided by the designer.

Cost estimates are sent to the client for approval, followed by finance and the president.

For information on ad costs specifically, contact Lynn Greenbaum, SVP, Symphony Talent
Phone: 212.999.9656

7. Delivery

Once design and costs are approved, print jobs are submitted to the printer. The printer will provide proofs for final review by VAP. No changes may be made after this point. Print jobs will be sent to the address provided in the job request.

Web jobs are uploaded onto the SVA web server or emailed to the department for use.

Ad jobs are submitted via the instructions given on the job request.