Departmental Website Requests

At the Visual Arts Press it is not uncommon for us to field requests from academic departments or administrative offices to build, design or redesign a website. In response, we have created a template-based guide that serves to help SVA offices strategize their web efforts.

While each department or office is free to work with the designer of their choosing, the CIO has made a decision that all websites be developed on the Symfony framework. While you are also free to find your own developer (as long as the site is developed on Symfony), the College has worked with The Nerdery as well as TriSoft in the past (contact info below). Note that costs for design and development come out of the department’s budget.

If you have any questions about the Website Strategy Guide you can contact or call the Press at x2380.

Contact Info for Developers

Radu Topala, CEO at TriSoft Group, based in Brasov, Romania

Meagan Kodada, Account Executive at The Nerdery, based in Minneapolis, MN