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Printer File Delivery

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Thomas Group
Password: transfer
Notify: Glen and Jamie Thomas –
Phone: 212.947.6400

User: ghp
Password: gFht5u*9
Notify: Steve Bortner – and
Rob Joslin –
Phone: 203.479.7500

J.S. McCarthy
>Expand “Service Reps- Maine”
>>Click on “Paul Balsamo Uploads
Notify: Dave Mitchell – and
Todd Courant –
Phone: 207.622.6241

Rose Press
User: prepress
Password: gorose
Notify: Bobby Corvino – and
Brian Guest –
Phone: 917.667.2800

Hatteras or via web browser
User: SVA
Password: H@567!ac
Notify: Richard McKenna – and
Phone: 732.223.9888 x123

Seaward Corp.
No FTP site, please email or send download link
Notify: Stan Konwiser –
Phone: 201.703.1122

Prestone Printing >> click on the Webnative icon
Password: PREPRESS1
Notify: Sam Park –
1. Click on BROWSE next to TO_PRESTONE
a) A new window appears
2. Click on “upload files”
a) A window appears with “local folder” on left and the “remote folder” TO_PRESTONE on right
3. Find and highlight files or folders to upload from “local folder” on left
4. Click the “Add” button and files or folders selected will be moved over to the TO_PRESTONE window on right
5. Click the “upload” button and all the files and/or folders selected will be uploaded to Prestone

Petcap Press
Password: rampsend
Notify: Joe Caputo –
Phone: 718.609.0910

Walnut Printing
Notify: Jerry Pont –
Phone: 718.707.0100

MBS Graphics

Diadeis (formerly Graphic Systems Group)
Web browser:
FTP client:
User: file
Password: transfer
Notify: Robin Stroll –
Phone: 646.230.1920 / Mobile: 917.662.3141

Brilliant Graphics
User: brilliantftp
Password: ftp
Notify: Bob Tursack –
Phone: 866.271.9955

Beyond Printing
Password: jobs
Notify: Brian Persaud –
Phone: 516.328.2700

National Flag and Display
Username: client
Password: banner
Notify: Adam Sauer and Howard Siegel
Phone: 212.462.4000

Wintry Press
Username: wintrypclient
Password: wpc67513
Notify: Harold Chayefsky – and
Julann Gebbie –

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