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  • Format: Apple ProRes (this is the “codec”.  This codec is uncompressed.  File sizes will be very large.)
  • Size: Full HD 1920 x 1080 ( Lower res HD is 1280 x 720)
  • Normally just saying Apple ProRes is sufficient, but if asked which version of ProRes:
    • ProRes 4444 (preferred)
    • ProRes 422 (perfectly okay)
  • If uncompressed isn’t an option, then  ask for H264 (pronounced “H two six four”).  This is compressed.  File sizes are not large.

Subway 1-Sheet Platform Poster

  • Overall Size: 45-7/8″ H x 29-7/8″ W
    • This is the actual dimensions the poster will print at
  • Live Area: 44-7/8″ H x 28-7/8″ W
    • All design and copy must be contained within the live area
  • Material: Self-Adhesive Vinyl
  • Inks: Inks must be weatherproof/waterproof with sufficient UV protection
  • Finish: UV or conventional clear coat in compliance with product bulletin specifica- tions of substrate and ink manufacturers.
  • Additional details can be found here:

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