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Volume creation and general config on the Callisto

Please note: This should only be done by Eric or Declan, as they have training on the system. This post serves as reference for them. Remember the chain: root –> group –> user –> share

1) Login and create a new dataset

Go to http://vap-storage.local using root/svavap.
Storage > select the second “pool” > click Create Dataset on the bottom of the page



Name the dataset (no spaces or special characters) and set the Share Type to Windows


2) Create a user to own the share (in Account)

The username should be the exact same as the share name. This will automatically create a group of the same name. Password: svavap. No additional auxillary groups need to be added.


3) Change the permissions on the dataset

Click the key icon at the bottom of the Storage screen. Set the user and group to what was just created. Make sure Permissions Type is Windows.


4) Create the SMB Share (in Sharing)

Set the path to the dataset, name is the same as the associated user, and make sure the VSF Objects are catia, fruit, and streams_xattr–in that order


5) Add permissions for each user that needs access



  • Sometimes newly created shares take a few hours to propagate to Finder on the client side. Sometimes deleting the login keychain will help. Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access. Search for vap-storage and delete the key. It will be recreated next time you login.
  • If vap-storage.local doesn’t seem to be working you can always try by IP:


Setting up from scratch

Follow these screenshots to set up the callisto from scratch.


It is also possible to connect to the callisto’s OS through it’s IPMI port. Go to, u/p: ADMIN/ADMIN. Honestly, it’s easier to physically go to the box in the closet

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