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Things to test when migrating

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add poster page w the works
- make sure all images/video work
- add a new download

- AD login
- make sure emails are being sent out

- make sure all cron jobs running
- ./symfony sva:update-feed-sources
 ./symfony sva:ingest-regbook-import

- test form can write txt file to server and results being written to excel file
- signup form adding to nuke db
	- (
	- mysql> select * from subscribe order by signupDate desc limit 1;
- catalog request form
- make sure migrated most recent version (calendar entries are up to date; check last modified time of most recent entry in pages table)
- ini settings resemble old server

- makes sure apache user owns svamaps folder so can recreate cache folder when necess; also write files to server
- eblasts upload to public

test briefs
- both upload to server and download

- rotator

Written by ecorriel

May 6th, 2013 at 5:11 pm

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