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Create Briefs mailer

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Download Briefs Template Files


  • Open a tab for each article in Ken’s email
  • Download and resize all images 195 x 110 (match up against homepage thumbnail if applicable)
  • Create new folder on
  • Create subfolder /images
  • Upload image folders: events | features | press


  • In html file (Briefs20120329.template.htm) find previous date (12.03.22) replace with current (name of folder just created on server)
  • Replace all images with this week’s images
  • At this point you should have a functioning template with this week’s images.  Check in a web browser.
  • Add titles, slugs & copy (HTML), urls
  • Make sure all columns/images line up.  this make take several iterations as you do tests sending the email via Thunderbird (below)


  • Escape all special characters using VAP utility
  • Take that HTML and Preflight it (exclude comments)
  • Take that HTML and paste into new file: Briefs20120329.htm (the coming friday)
  • Copy that HTML to test in Thunderbird: New Message > Insert HTML, change background color to black
  • Upload html file to s
  • Send Ken name of html file (Briefs20120329.htm)


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